Sheriff's Department

Law enforcement services are provided to the City of San Dimas by contract with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. As a part of that service, the Sheriff’s Department maintains a station here in San Dimas, located at 270 S. Walnut Avenue. The San Dimas Station is the central location for 18 Patrol Deputies, 1 Motorcycle Reserve Deputy, 3 CAT Team Leaders, 3 Special Assignment Officers (CAT Team), 1 Team Sergeant, 2 Community Service Assistants, 1 Law Enforcement Technician (Crime Prevention Officer), and 1 School Resource Officer.

For non-emergency calls, the station may be reached at (909) 450-2700. For emergency calls only, dial 911.

For further information on the services of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department here in San Dimas, visit the San Dimas Sheriff’s website.

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is a shared responsibility and connection between the Sheriff’s Department and the community. The goal is to make San Dimas a safer, more livable city through crime prevention and problem-solving strategies.

Throughout the years, Neighborhood Watch has grown from an “extra eyes and ears” approach to crime prevention to a much more proactive, community-oriented endeavor. Neighborhood Watch groups are now incorporating activities that not only address crime prevention issues but which also restore pride and unity to a neighborhood. It is not uncommon to see Neighborhood Watch groups participating in activities that impact the quality of life for community residents.

The adoption of community policing by local law enforcement agencies has also contributed to the resurgence of Watch groups over the years. Neighborhood Watch fits nicely within the framework of law enforcement/community partnerships, and Neighborhood Watch meetings can be a useful forum to discuss neighborhood problems and practice problem-solving techniques.

To join the San Dimas Neighborhood Watch Program, or for more information about Neighborhood Watch, please contact Monique Campos at San Dimas Sheriff Station (909) 450-2763.