Street Maintenance

The Street Maintenance Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of streets within the community. Operating from the City’s Capital Improvement Plan, the division performs routine repair and construction tasks on city streets. Further, the division has responsibilities that include street cleaning, storm drain, sewer maintenance, and the maintenance of city streetlights and traffic signals.

Street Maintenance Questions or Requests — Any questions or requests for repair that concern San Dimas streets, may be referred to the Streets Division at 909. 394.6270 or

Pavement Preservation Zone Map
The City is divided into seven maintenance zones. The Public Works Department rotates through each zone, each year focusing on one particular area. Each road in that specific zone is inspected and evaluated. Data collected during inspections combined with traffic volume is used to determine which streets are in most need of repair. This information is used to determine the appropriate timing and treatment for maintenance, rehabilitation, and reconstruction of city roads.

Utilizing this program, the City can rate the road pavement conditions and determine appropriate surface rehabilitation treatments to extend the life of the pavement. The City’s Pavement Preservation Program allows the City to continue the life of the pavement saving public funds while maintaining quality roads.

Report a Broken Street Light
There are several ways to report a broken street light.  You can click on the Edison link here, Southern California Edison which will direct you to Edison’s Online Request Form’s page.  On this page, you will notice a link to their Report Street Light Outage form.  Fill in the requested information and Edison will notify you when the work is completed.

If you prefer to call Edison directly, please contact them at 800.655.4555. The automated phone system’s prompts will have you press 1 (“hazards,” “power outages,” or “repairs”) which will then transfer you to an Edison representative.  The final way to report a broken street light is to please contact the Public Works Department directly at 909.394.6240, or via email

Report a Problem, Concern or Unsafe Condition

To report an abandoned shopping cart, call 909.394.6230

To report an illegal dumping activity, call 909. 394.6240

To report an unsafe traffic situation, call 909 394.6240
Additionally, you can fill out a Traffic Investigation Report for review by the Traffic Safety Committee.  Click here for TIR form; fill it out and then email to