Permit Parking for Parking Districts

Permit Parking Program/Parking Districts
Permit parking in the City of San Dimas is available to regulate and manage on-street parking problems. The goal is to create fair and equitable usage of on-street parking areas. This policy is enacted pursuant to the authority granted by section 22507 of the California Vehicle Code in response to parking on streets by nonresidents who do not visit or conduct business with City residents or businesses. Such parking by nonresidents results in neighborhood decline by reason of traffic congestion, noise, litter, traffic hazards, public safety and inability for residents to park their motor vehicles near their residences. The Permit Parking Program will create a "Permit Parking District" and is initiated through submission of a petition that is provided by the City for the consideration of a proposed Permit Parking  District. The following administrative policy provides procedural and supplemental information for the implementation of the program.

Permit parking regulations manage the use of on-street parking to assist residents with valid permits and their guests in finding parking near their homes.   A permit parking district exempts a vehicle from permit parking restrictions within the specified District.  Permit Parking permits do not exempt permit holders from other parking regulations such as overnight parking, curb markings, alleys, parking meters, street sweeping, oversize vehicle regulations, or anywhere else where parking is prohibited.

Interested in a Residential Parking Permit Program for Your Street or Neighborhood?
Residents interested in expanding an existing program area or adding a new residential parking permit program areas must submit a Residential Parking Permit Program Request Form. The procedures for expanding or adding a new program area are outlined in the Residential Parking Permit Program Policy.  The permit application will be provided after qualification and approval.


Guest Parking Permits
The property owner/occupant may obtain “guest” permits for a one time, or infrequent gathering. To obtain multiple guest permits, the resident may fill out and submit a City form, or in such other way specified by the City, notifying the City of an upcoming special event (wedding, birthday party, large gathering etc.) The frequency and number of permits is subject to the approval of the Director of Public Works.

  1. Biennial Application Fee: $30
    • Includes 2 permits and 3 guest permits
  2. One Day guest permit: $0 (costs are included with Biennial application fee)
    • Application for One Day guest permits must be approved through the Director of Public Works.
  3. Replacement permit: $0
    • Application for free replacement permits in excess of two per year must be approved by the Director of Public Works.

Permit Expiration
Permits are valid for a 2-year cycle(bi-annual) by the first of July or such other date as established by the City Manager or designee. Residential parking permit program participants will get a renewal notice prior to the expiration of the permit cycle.

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