Film Permits

The City of San Dimas welcomes businesses and individuals that wish to engage in commercial filming, videotaping or still photography. Film permits are required for all commercial filming activity on public or private property within City boundaries. Filming to report on events or persons that are in the news for newspapers, televisions news, and other news media is excluded. Students enrolled in community college, university or trade schools filming for non-commercial and educational purposes, may be exempt from some fees but are still required to obtain permits. The guidelines and regulations contained herein apply to all filming activity. Conditions may be attached to individual permit based on impact.

Before filming in San Dimas, individuals must apply for a permit. As of June 2015, the City has contracted with Film LA to process all film permits. 

To submit applications online, go to or contact Film LA by phone at 213.977.8600

For more information, contact the City of San Dimas at 909.394.6224