Parks and Recreation Commission

SCCC-Meeting-Room-2700x1800The Commission shall be composed of five Commissioners who shall be registered voters of the city, serve without compensation and be appointed upon the basis of three affirmative votes of members of the City Council. Each Commissioner will be appointed to a two-year term with a limit of two terms, except the Commissioner from the sixteen to twenty-one age groups, who will serve a one-year term. Commissioners cannot concurrently serve on two or more commissions. After term expiration, members must wait one year before being eligible to reapply for service on the same commission. 


Meets on the third Tuesday of odd months, at 6:00 pm (unless otherwise announced and publicly noticed) in the Senior Citizen/Community Center meeting room located at 201 E. Bonita Avenue. 


  1. To advise the City Council on matters relating to the development and maintenance of public parks and recreation programs.
  2. To represent the views of the citizenry relating to parks and recreation needs.
  3. To consult with the professional staff in the development of parks and recreation programs.
  4. To generally enlist community interest in human services, parks and recreation.
  5. To perform any other acts related to the City’s park and recreation needs as requested by the Council. 

Desirable Qualifications: 

  1. Willingness to give due attention and study to recreation and park services as they affect the welfare of the people of San Dimas.
  2. Ability to interpret the parks and recreation services to the community.
  3. Willingness to take initiative in making studies and planning for future parks and recreation areas and facilities, as well as determining means of keeping present areas and facilities at an acceptable level.
  4. Ability to develop and maintain harmonious working relationships with other commission members, the City Council, the public, the school district, service organizations, and sports organizations.
  5. Willingness to attend regularly scheduled evening meetings, as well as special meetings.  Three unexcused absences in one year may result in dismissal from the Commission. 
Parks and Recreation Commissioners

Commissioners Serve Two 2-year Terms

Jesse Ash
Appointed: 08/23
Term Expires: 08/25

Janice Bartolo
Appointed: 08/23
Term Expires: 08/25

Brandon Moon
Appointed: 08/23
Term Expires: 08/25

Edward Rodgriguez
Appointed: 08/23
Term Expires: 08/25
Christina Tsang
Appointed: 08/23
Term Expires: 08/25

*San Dimas Parks and Recreation Commission
c/o Parks and Recreation Department
245 E. Bonita Avenue
San Dimas, CA  91773
(909) 394-6230
Email the Parks and Recreation Commissioners
City Staff Liaison:
Scott Wasserman, Director of Parks and Recreation

*Email communications to Commissioners are considered to be public documents and subject to disclosure.

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