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City Commissions

Application Process

How to apply for an office on a City of San Dimas Board, Commission or Committee:

  1. Those interested in applying for appointment to a board, commission or committee may obtain an Application for Community Service Opportunity form from the office of the City Clerk, 245 E. Bonita Ave, San Dimas, or download, or apply online.
  2. Completed applications must be submitted prior to the advertised deadline.
  3. All requested information must be furnished on the application. Resumes, attachments and other supporting documentation may be included but cannot be substituted for an application form.
  4. Applications will be kept on file for one year. It is the applicants’ responsibility to ensure their application is current and updated prior to each recruitment.
       Maddy Act List 
      Boards Commissions Committees Handbook


  1. Applicants must be meet all requirements of the board, commission and committee they are applying for at the time their application is submitted as well as during their entire term of service.
  2. Applicants must be registered voters in the City of San Dimas or in their city of residence.
  3. Applicants shall be considered ineligible to serve on a city board, commission or committee that serve a particular city department if the candidate’s relative (as defined by City of San Dimas Commissioner’s Handbook) is employed by the city in the same department.

Disclosure and Regulatory Requirements and Non-Compliance

Conflict of Interest Disclosure

In compliance with state law, appointed officials may be required to file a statement of Economic Interests upon appointment to office, and annually thereafter. If appointed you may be required to make information available as to any potential conflict of interest arising from any business/affiliations where that affiliation or business may be doing business with the City of San Dimas, or any decisions taken by the City of San Dimas that may influence that business or affiliation.

Mandatory Ethics and Training (Government Code §53234 et seq.)

Following California State Law, all appointments, will be required to complete the AB1234 Ethics Training. AB1234 requires 2 hours of ethics training within one year of appointment and is valid for two years.

 Local Officials Ethics Training Course

Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training (Government Code §53237et seq.)

Following California State Law, all appointments, will be required to complete the AB 1661 Sexual Harassment Prevention Training. AB requires 2 hours of sexual harassment prevention training and education within the first six months and every two years thereafter.

Brown Act (Government Code §54590 et. Seq.)

The referenced boards, commissions, and committees are subject to the Brown Act and must maintain “substantial compliance” with the Brown Acts various provisions.

2022 Brown Act Training PowerPoint

Public Records Act (Government Code §6250-6276.48)

This application qualifies as a public record and all information furnished on the application itself and any supporting documents attached hereto will be treated as a public record.

Non-Compliance with Requirements

City of San Dimas board, commission or committee members not in compliance with the required state law disclosure requirements can be suspended from participating in meetings until compliance is re-established.