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San Dimas residents enjoy a high quality of life and are overwhelmingly pleased with City services and programs, according to the latest results of a citywide community survey.

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The City of San Dimas is dedicated to providing high quality facilities and services that meet our residents’ existing and emerging needs. To help us reach this goal, the City hired True North Research, an independent survey research firm, to conduct a statistically valid citywide sample survey to better understand how San Dimas residents feel about the way the City is providing vital services, understand where the City should spend resources, and assess opinions on a variety of topics such as public safety, traffic and City services.

The City has made a proactive choice and engaged True North Research to conduct a community survey to me how we are doing in service delivery and communication, to seek input on how we can be better stewards of the government and identify possible opportunities where services might be altered to better serve customers.

Residents generally shared favorable opinions of the City, with 87% rating the quality of life in San Dimas as excellent or good and 88%  saying San Dimas is a safe place to live. 

The Community Survey was conducted February 27 through March 6, 2023. 697 randomly selected residents participated, resulting in a margin of error of 3.7%.