About Us

Since its incorporation in 1960, the unprecedented growth of San Dimas has transformed the City from an essentially rural area to a well-balanced community offering industrial, commercial, and residential living. The completion of new freeways (Foothill and Orange Freeways) will benefit the City since it is in a fortunate position to take advantage of this easy access to markets. In addition to the 1,700 acre Frank G. Bonelli Recreational Area which lies within the City boundaries, there are many parks such as San Dimas Canyon Park, a city-owned golf course (San Dimas Canyon Golf Club), and over 27 miles of equestrian trails for riding. The city services include an extensive recreational program for youth and for senior citizens, and the City boasts a new modern City Hall, with excellent provisions made for County Sheriff and Fire Departments, along with a fine Los Angeles County Library and Engineering Regional Office. A bright future lies ahead for San Dimas. Its growth is based upon a solid foundation and the projections are that in a decade its population will reach 40,000, and its reputation as a City that tires “to preserve the western spirit” will grow with the population growth.

San Dimas was incorporated on August 4, 1960, as a General Law City with a Council/Manager form of government. San Dimas has a City Council consisting of four members who are elected by the citizens of San Dimas for overlapping four-year terms. Elections are held every two years in March of off-numbered years. The fifth councilmember, the Mayor, is elected directly by the citizens and serves a two-year term. Numerous city commissions advise the Council on special issues that affect the community. These include the Parks and Recreation Commission, Public Safety Commission, Planning Commission, Senior Citizens Advisory Commission, and Equestrian Commission.

Mission Statement

The City of San Dimas is committed to excellence in the planning of the community with due consideration for the physical and social environment. The City Council and all City employees are committed to well-maintained facilities and being responsive to the needs of residents by providing necessary programs.
The City recognizes that its function is to serve the San Dimas residents and businesses and to address their concerns in a cooperative and courteous manner. San Dimas acknowledges that the community has a character that is enhanced by the preservation of its history, historical buildings, and terrain. The City serves as a resource giving all people a sense of belonging to the City through programs, organizations, and activities.