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Fact Check San Dimas provides a Question and Answer approach to answering concerns regarding critical topics.    

1) Is Glenn Rockey Camp going to be converted to a Secure Youth Treatment Facility?

Information has been presented and suggests that the Afflerbaugh-Paige facilities located in the City of La Verne are on a preferred list of the County's Realignment subcommittee and Glenn Rockey Camp could serve as an alternate.  Although the decision has not been made nor a recommendation has been finalized by the County, the City of San Dimas has expressed concerns and opposition to either San Dimas or La Verne sites being converted during this process.

On January 5, 2022, the Probation Oversight Commission held a virtual town hall meeting on Secure Youth Treatment Facilities.  There were so many residents wanting to speak that the Commission limited public comment to 1 minute for each speaker, and many of us were not able to address the Commission. 

(Update - 1/5/2022) The Commission took written questions prior to the meeting and provided a written Questions and Answers response to the questions during the meeting.    In the Questions and Answers, it was stated that Glenn Rockey is no longer in consideration for recommendation as a Secure Youth Treatment Facility.  Afflerbaugh-Paige still is being considered.

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