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Storm Preparedness

Are you ready for the next rainfall?

Sand and bags are available in San Dimas to San Dimas residents at the City Maintenance Yard at 301 Walnut Ave. starting from October to April.   Sandbags are very useful in diverting water, protecting slopes and structures, and assisting in erosion control.  Be prepared for the storm BEFORE it rains!  Bring a shovel and fill a few bags to keep for a rainy day.

V-Ditch Clearing – Do you have a drainage course on your property? Be sure drainages are clear of dirt and debris before it rains to avoid possible flood-related damages to your property and your neighbors.

For storm-related questions, please contact the City of San Dimas Public Works Department at (909) 394-6240.  For additional information and resources, visit the Los Angeles County website. For mud flow information, you may call (800) 214-4020.

California High-Speed Rail Authority

Transporation agency is responsible for maintenance of California’s freeway system.
Click here to visit Caltrans website.

LA County Department of Public Works
The City works with Los Angeles County for several services such as catch basin cleaning and hazardous materials permits.
Click here to visit the LA County Public Works website.

LA County Flood Maintenance Division
A division of the LA County Public Works Department, the LA County Flood Maintenance Division manages the watershed for the region.
Click here to visit the County website.
The Greater Los Angeles County Region, comprised of 5 sub-regions, spans from Ventura County to Orange County, including portions of both, and from the coastline to the San Gabriel Mountains – an area representing approximately nine million people and over 2,200 square miles.

American Public Works Association
This national association is dedicated to the provision of high-quality public works goods and services.
Click here to visit the website.