The City of San Dimas is home to several recreational trails. The City is committed to providing an open space experience for every type of user. Before heading out to one of the multi-use trails, please review the access guideline and trail etiquette below. Your cooperation and compliance is essential to ensure safety, resource protection, and an enjoyable experience for everyone using the trails.

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For additional information regarding City trails please contact Parks and Recreation at (909) 394-6230.

Hiking Guidelines
  • Check the weather before you hike. It is not safe to hike in heavy rain.
  • Wear sturdy shoes to protect your feet.
  • Carry the proper safety equipment.
  • Carry drinking water. DO NOT drink from streams, springs or lakes without properly treating the water first!
  • Observe wildlife from a safe distance. Do not try to feed or get close to wild animals.
  • Stay on the trail. If you hike off of the trail, you might get lost.
  • Let an adult know where you are hiking and when you plan to be back.

Trail Etiquette

  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times.
  • Dog owners must pick up after their dogs.
  • No alcohol consumption is allowed.
  • No smoking is allowed in wilderness areas or in public parks, due to the high risk of fires.
  • Motorized vehicles are prohibited.
  • No littering. (Please carry out what you carry in.)
  • Stay to the right side of the trail when someone else is approaching.
  • Call out if you are passing another cyclist or equestrian.
  • Yielding – bike riders yield to equestrians and hikers, hikers yield to equestrians.


Horsethief Canyon Park

Multi-Use Trails

  • Strawberry Trail
  • Face Trail
  • Upper Plateau Trail Junction
  • Poison Oak Trail
  • Northern Foothills Trail
LA County Trails

Multi-Use Trails

  • Bonelli Regional Park
  • Antonovich Trail
City of San Dimas

White Fence Border Multi-Use Trails (See Map)

  • Via Verde Avenue
  • San Dimas Avenue
  • West Allen Avenue
  • Baseline Road
  • Foothill Blvd
  • N San Dimas Canyon Road
  • Sycamore Canyon Road