Proposed Shopping Cart Ordinance

Like other communities, San Dimas experiences levels of visible blight. These challenges are neither unique to San Dimas, nor are they short term and are unlikely to self-resolve. Additionally, these challenges adversely affect San Dimas businesses and threaten the economic vitality of our community and the quality of life for our residents.LA County Public Works on X: "Abandoned shopping carts can be found in  #LACounty neighborhoods, waterways, streets and alleys. If you see an abandoned  shopping cart in your area, report it to

One area of continued blight has been in abandoned shopping carts. Shopping carts removed without authorization often end up abandoned on roadways, sidewalks, and in open spaces. Not only do abandoned carts cause blight, but businesses are impacted through the loss of their asset.

The City of San Dimas has drafted a proposed Shopping Cart Ordinance to allow the City crews to provide a quicker clean up response by reducing the timeframe necessary to impound shopping carts.

The new ordinance will establish a program that includes:

  • The unauthorized possession of a shopping cart as a citable offense.
  • Each shopping cart shall be marked for identification.
  • Businesses with more than 5 carts must submit a Shopping Cart Plan to prevent theft.
March 28, 2024 Draft Ordinance Released & Outreach to Businesses Initiated
Business Notification Letter #1
FAQs Page
April 30, 2024 Review Period
May 23, 2024 City Council Report Available
May 28, 2024 City Council Meeting
June 11, 2024 City Council Meeting
July 11, 2024 Ordinance Effective
July 12 - October 9, 2024 Submission Period of Shopping Cart Plan
November 8, 2024 Final Date to Implement Approved Shopping Cart Plan


If you would like more information please contact Anissa Livas, Senior Management Analyst at 909-394-6215 or email