Boards Commissions and Committees

The City of San Dimas encourages all citizens to involve themselves in the decision-making process by participating in the various City commissions, committees, and boards. Serving on an advisory board, commission or committee provides an opportunity to assist in the implementation of local policies. Each entity is composed of local community members, and not only gives private citizens the ability to participate in civic activities but also gives voice to specific issues that may not otherwise receive proper attention.

Volunteers are appointed by the City Council to serve on each board, commission, or committee. The responsibilities, terms of office, membership size, qualifications, and meeting schedules vary for each board, commission, or committee.

Each Commission shall have a nonvoting position for any interested student applicant who is a resident in the City of San Dimas starting at age 16 but under the age of 21. They will serve one-year term increments from date of appointment and will be selected by City Staff in collaboration with the local schools.

How Do I Become a Board Commission or Committee Member?

Board Commission and Committee openings occur when a member resigns or has served the maximum allowable terms. When a position becomes available an application period is opened. During the open application period, interested persons may submit an application to the Office of the City Clerk.  At the close of the application period, applicants are interviewed by the Mayor and one Councilmember or city staff liaison appointed to that board or commission. The Mayor and Councilmember will make a recommendation for an appointment at the next City Council meeting. Once selected the new member will be sworn in at the next Board, Commission, or Committee meeting. For information on upcoming term expirations and duties and responsibilities click on the links below. All meetings are open to the public. We welcome your participation.

Recruiting Interested Community Members for our Boards, Commission, and Committees.

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