Current Development

Now Under Construction:

Brasada Estates

One of 8 housing styles, this French Country Estate will include 5,100 square feet of living space and a 3-car garage

Brasada Estates, a new residential development is under construction in the Northern Foothill area of San Dimas.  Located at the northern terminus of Cataract Avenue, just north of Pinnacle Pete’s Steakhouse, the Brasada Housing Development will be an upscale gated community of 65 single-family homes on residential lots that range in size from 21,871 square feet of land area to 83,582 square feet of land area.  The first phase of construction will feature 34 homes which will range in size form 4,453 square feet of living area to 6,255 square feet of living Area.  

The site is approximately 270 acres that will feature 65 single-family residential lots, private open space, private roadways, an entry gate and gate house, utilities, water quality control basins and water storage facilities.  Approximately 170 acres of land area will remain as permanent open space and habitat conservation areas that will be owned by Southwest Resources Management Association (SMRN), a land conservancy.  

Grading permits and related infrastructure approvals were issued in the summer of 2017 and work has progress to the point that the development will soon begin construction of the Model Homes.   Homes should be available for occupancy in the summer of 2020 with an anticipated sales price in excess of $2,000,000.